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As a young boy, I always wanted to be a sailor. My teachers responded with „Switzerland has no ocean“. So instead I attended the Commercial College Basel (Kantonale Handelsschule Basel) and completed an Insurance broker apprenticeship at the insurance company Patria, today Helvetia.

In 1998 I founded UNIVISTA GmbH (CHE-104.020.462), a little boat in the sea of Fonancial Services. Since then my small ship has seen and experienced a lot. As the large and powerful ships were throwing their sailors overboard in stormy times, I remained small and flexible and became wiser. I successfully completed further diplomas: 2002 Funds Advisor and 2005 Financial Advisor. It is still of utmost importance for me to fulfill the motto on my flag: “independent, competent, neutral“.

Besides German I speak English, French and Italian. Also Portugese and Spanish are not foreign to me.

As a member of the VQF (an organisation for quality control in the financial service branch) I pay attencion to dangerous rocks and guide my passengers safely to their destinations. At seminars and congresses I continue to enhance and deepen my knowledge of the financial sector and changes taking place within it.

Goals are very personal, but not everyone knows what they are aiming for. As a financial advisor and avid sportsman, I see my duty to show clients all possible avenues including their sunny sides and eventual tripping stones, thus helping them to define their personal goals. 


  Eros Muller                     






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Independent, competent, neutral